Thursday, November 5, 2009

i have new spirit today!

i have one class today, Pengantar Industri Media, we had a quiz today,, and i made 5 mistake on my quiz,, i don't know i should be praise myself or be guilty for not studied well,, just forget it,,
I have some pictures today after the class,, and here's the picture,,

stripe and plaid top

two striped t-shirt girl
this is Yulvi and Dina

my oufit today's :
OMG! t shirt
burberry plaid shirt
Miss sixty mini skirt
GoGirl modified bag
Adidas shoes

uhh i'm so happy syalala after got sick and faint for two days,, i get my new spirit,, by the way i got the inspiration of my look today from VIDI ALDIANO performance @CiWalk

vidi aldiano style plaid shirt as outer


  1. Irin : "Vidy aldiano itu rajin sholat Vi..."

    gw : hmm,,*nice! ^^

    keep that spirit Irin!! ^^

    my first picture with that new -white glasses-look! hahaha..

  2. iya,, ciee yg pke kc mt baru,, kt dodi makin manis hahaha