Friday, April 30, 2010

What A Great Day!

Last Wednesday, We (Me and Rizka) went to Bandung with Lugazh's Xenia,,
My old friend Amir, asked me to bent him a doze of shoes from Bandung to Jember,,
firstly we went to Isma's place at Dago, to took a doze of shoes,,
I love the architecture of her place,, vintage and homey,,
then we went to Kebon Kawung to Elteha center to sent the packet,,
after that we ate @Balubur and then we went to CiWalk for watching Clash of The Titans 3D
here's the picture of us,,,

by the way, i bought new wallet before we saw the movie,, a long wallet colored baby blue from Hubsch



i wore customized Liz Clairbone blazer, flowery skirt as top, Lea jeans, snake skin bag, and Triset Sandal

After we saw that movie we eat at the wayside of Dago street,, I ordered "Colenak" and Rizka ordered "Jagung Serut Manis Pedas"
Colenak is special snacks from Bandung made from "tape/peuyeum" and sauced with scraped coconut and brown sugar,,
here's the picture,,,

by the way here's the conversation between me, Rizka and Other Buyer:
Bapak: Bukan orang Bandung ya?
Kami mengangguk.
Rizka : Saya orang Jawa,,,
Bapak : Colenak itu makanan khas Bandung, saya juga pesen,, peuyeum dibakar kalo yang biasa pake bumbu kelapa dikasi gula merah,, pas tuh khan orang Jawa suka yang manis
Me (dalam hati) : ZZZZzzz,, gw suka asin pedes!
Bapak : Lagi ngidam ya mbak?
Me : (kaget sambil senyum malu) oh enggak kok
(dalam hati : ZZzz @#$#%^ emang gue ada tampang udah nikah ama nih bocah?)

Hmmm,, do I look like a pregnant woman????

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ke Griya Dadakan,,

Sure I love to be in supermarket such as carefour,, griya,, alfa,,
It might woman instinct,, oops,, *i'm not yet a woman,,

Here is the picture of my groceries,,

I bought new variant Oreo Ice Cream Blueberry Flavor, Instant Oatmeal, Palmsuiker (Oh God,, finally I found this favorite things! Thank you!) and Activia Strawberry Yoghurt

resep oatmeal

resep oatmeal

i got Cook Card Quaker Juice 2010 there are recipes with Oatmeal in it.
There are Refresher Juice Orange Sirsak, Splash Melon, Hot Oat Ginger, Strawberry Yoghurt Shake, Oat banana Blend, Oat Tomato Carrot, and Quaker Choco Mix,,

So I shouldn't worry about the plain taste of Oatmeal,, I've got the recipe,,

My Friend's Facebook Status

"sometimes I want a natural real world, have a bf, going arround, shopping...blablabla but sometimes I prefer to enjoy my self in front of pc, laughing, and admiring.. without any risk.." Vebrina Wahyu 

I've just found it on my home Facebook,, ya you know sometimes girl wanna have fun with her BF,, but sometimes girl needs some space being alone without any disturb to enjoying what their love,,

I love to sit calmly in front of my Aira(my notebook's name), reading some articles or searching the picture of fashion,, interior design,, or just scenery from the outside world,,,  then I laugh,, admire what a beautiful picture I've seen,, and dreaming someday i'll be there with people i love much,, my mother,, my two brothers,, and someone,, hmm,, Amiin

As Always Rush Monday

wedge sandal
I was wore :
Smith long sleeves, tribal skirt @Orange, legging, Oxford Shoes made @Galdi Shoes BTC, DIY bag

"Monday is the key day of week"

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Where Should I Made This Pretty Wedge?

wedge sandal

I just found this picture in my Shoes folder,,
i want to made this shoes so much but,, my last order on Quina Shoes @Jatos just made me more more upset to them,,
hmm,, where should I made this pretty wedge?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not About Price, Not About my Saving, and Not About Fashion

giftsemi formal shoes

sure, Honey,, it's not about the price, my saving or about fashion,,
like i used to treat my self,,
i know,, you hate it,, you didn't like those 'formal' things
and I know that now you try it,, you try to loving those 'formal' things
and that's my pleasure to be a part of it,,
that's just a little support for you,,

just show me you deserve to have me!

*ik hou van je*


several days ago, I started to enjoy other people's blog about home decorating, interior design,,
here's just some pictures that I really love from,,
hell yeah,, the part I love most is,, the first picture,, hmm,, that must be perfect place for me to get some inspirations,, i love morning sunshine,,

and this picture is awesome, i love the third and fourth picture,, i love their exterior designs,, the balcony with colorful flower, an outdoor breakfast, enjoying city view from above

what an incredible house!

Dear, my Lovely God,,
please give me another home with the same interior design in those picture,,


Hot Rush Week

i rarely took a picture of mine here just I found my picture's on Rizka's smartphone,,

depan gedung 1 Fikom Unpad
here's my picture in front of an office of FIKOM UNPAD Jatinangor,,
I was wearing my new white long sleeve t-shirt,,


and here's my picture on Monday,,  I'm off from campus,, in the front of Hotel Horison,,after looking for "Menuju Masyarakat Komunikatif" on Palasari but unfortunately i didn't find it,, but I just get new book titled "Fashion Sebagai Komunikasi" written by Malcolm Barnard but it just translated in Indonesian,,

Somehow I thought it's too early for talking about my thesis just than my other friends , i wanna do some researches in fashion as communication for my thesis,, may be in qualitative way,, I know my dad can't help me enough for this,, He's the master on quantitative,, he hope me doing in the same way,, 
but sometime,, you know,, "anak muda punya caranya sendiri"
young people always have their own ways,, i thought that i'm a big girl now,, I have my own decision,, and I know I have my own responsibility because of what I've done,,

cheer up Rizti! hufftt,, I'm just cheering my self up right now,, Sure, I was bored for everything on Campus,, I feel homesick,, I miss my two little brother,, and my mom,, waking in the morning,, choosing the menu for today's eat,, helping my mom cooking,, just watching movie or having a great conversation with her,, may be just meet my bestfriends in Jember,,

"your hometown is where they can't figure out how you did as well as you did"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Here's my today looklet titled  "Driver":


I love to mix the girly side with rebel side
I love being bold
I mixed the flowery dress, rebel jeans, heels, and the gloves

Thank's God, It's Friday!

Last Friday,, Me,, Acid, Rizka, Onyet, Hegar, Adjie, and Suci going to Bazaar in front of DU(Dipati Ukur),,
I knew the bazaar from Laras,, and we planned to went there together
Unfortunately, she felt unwell then Rizka ask Adjie, Suci, and Hegar to came with us
those some picture we took last friday on Monumen Perjuangan in the front of UNPAD DU

These were the photos from the Bazaar
I bought 3 T-shirts from Breed Refreshment Co. for my brothers.
And Rizka bought 2 long sleeves from Smith for us,, He bought me the white one and the black one for him

after happy shopping time we ate @ Ayam Bakar Tubagus Ismail

I'm very happy today,, sure it's tiring but we're happy so much
last time i ate @Tubagus Ismail was almost a year ago,, before I've relationship with Rizka,, we eat together there when he picked me up on station hall

Friday, April 9, 2010

Living a Room of Mine

I'm typical of easy going girl,, but sometimes I love spending my time alone in my room,, doing something myself,,
I usually wash my clothes in the morning while I'm cooking or just making a cup of coffee
i play my WinAmp playlist or just watch News TV on my country (*even sometimes i didn't know the case ^^)
cleaning my room
make over the room or just make over some of my costume make it D-I-Y things
the part I love most is,, browsing some good interior design things or fashion inspiration
or just make a statement with twitter

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Congratulation for Marianov Gracia Filiova Rohie and Alexius 
welcome to your new life

ki-ka : Laras, Fillen, Nita, Dini
ka-ki : Acid, saudara Fillen, Me

 here's us between the braid and groom
here's me and Rizka
I wore my own designed new dressed, black stocking, Acid's high heel, belt from my bother's girlfriend, and my snake skinned sling bag


Acid looks so beauty,, she get dressed different as usual she did,,

here's the personal greeting card that i made for the new couple

My Newest Looklet