Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hot Rush Week

i rarely took a picture of mine here just I found my picture's on Rizka's smartphone,,

depan gedung 1 Fikom Unpad
here's my picture in front of an office of FIKOM UNPAD Jatinangor,,
I was wearing my new white long sleeve t-shirt,,


and here's my picture on Monday,,  I'm off from campus,, in the front of Hotel Horison,,after looking for "Menuju Masyarakat Komunikatif" on Palasari but unfortunately i didn't find it,, but I just get new book titled "Fashion Sebagai Komunikasi" written by Malcolm Barnard but it just translated in Indonesian,,

Somehow I thought it's too early for talking about my thesis just than my other friends , i wanna do some researches in fashion as communication for my thesis,, may be in qualitative way,, I know my dad can't help me enough for this,, He's the master on quantitative,, he hope me doing in the same way,, 
but sometime,, you know,, "anak muda punya caranya sendiri"
young people always have their own ways,, i thought that i'm a big girl now,, I have my own decision,, and I know I have my own responsibility because of what I've done,,

cheer up Rizti! hufftt,, I'm just cheering my self up right now,, Sure, I was bored for everything on Campus,, I feel homesick,, I miss my two little brother,, and my mom,, waking in the morning,, choosing the menu for today's eat,, helping my mom cooking,, just watching movie or having a great conversation with her,, may be just meet my bestfriends in Jember,,

"your hometown is where they can't figure out how you did as well as you did"

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