Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Friend's Facebook Status

"sometimes I want a natural real world, have a bf, going arround, shopping...blablabla but sometimes I prefer to enjoy my self in front of pc, laughing, and admiring.. without any risk.." Vebrina Wahyu 

I've just found it on my home Facebook,, ya you know sometimes girl wanna have fun with her BF,, but sometimes girl needs some space being alone without any disturb to enjoying what their love,,

I love to sit calmly in front of my Aira(my notebook's name), reading some articles or searching the picture of fashion,, interior design,, or just scenery from the outside world,,,  then I laugh,, admire what a beautiful picture I've seen,, and dreaming someday i'll be there with people i love much,, my mother,, my two brothers,, and someone,, hmm,, Amiin

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