Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ke Griya Dadakan,,

Sure I love to be in supermarket such as carefour,, griya,, alfa,,
It might woman instinct,, oops,, *i'm not yet a woman,,

Here is the picture of my groceries,,

I bought new variant Oreo Ice Cream Blueberry Flavor, Instant Oatmeal, Palmsuiker (Oh God,, finally I found this favorite things! Thank you!) and Activia Strawberry Yoghurt

resep oatmeal

resep oatmeal

i got Cook Card Quaker Juice 2010 there are recipes with Oatmeal in it.
There are Refresher Juice Orange Sirsak, Splash Melon, Hot Oat Ginger, Strawberry Yoghurt Shake, Oat banana Blend, Oat Tomato Carrot, and Quaker Choco Mix,,

So I shouldn't worry about the plain taste of Oatmeal,, I've got the recipe,,

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