Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank's God, It's Friday!

Last Friday,, Me,, Acid, Rizka, Onyet, Hegar, Adjie, and Suci going to Bazaar in front of DU(Dipati Ukur),,
I knew the bazaar from Laras,, and we planned to went there together
Unfortunately, she felt unwell then Rizka ask Adjie, Suci, and Hegar to came with us
those some picture we took last friday on Monumen Perjuangan in the front of UNPAD DU

These were the photos from the Bazaar
I bought 3 T-shirts from Breed Refreshment Co. for my brothers.
And Rizka bought 2 long sleeves from Smith for us,, He bought me the white one and the black one for him

after happy shopping time we ate @ Ayam Bakar Tubagus Ismail

I'm very happy today,, sure it's tiring but we're happy so much
last time i ate @Tubagus Ismail was almost a year ago,, before I've relationship with Rizka,, we eat together there when he picked me up on station hall

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