Wednesday, May 26, 2010

little bit sporty..

here's some picture I took several days ago,, when I just jogging with Rizka,, and some picture that I took when I was to early arrived at campus,,
i was wearing my high school jacket, oversized T-shirt, short pants I bought at Carefour, and my Adidas sneakers all colored in blue except the legging
I have no track pants so I decided to wear the legging as inner and the short pants as the outer so I can covered my thigh

and here's the picture that Rizka took when we walk by to campus from Bale Santika

i was wearing my brother's checker shirt, black jeans, grey suede shoes, Rizka's Converse bag,, and my D-I-Y polkadot bangle,,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Do It Yourself : Polkadot Bangle

polkadot bangle

here's what you need to make polkadot bangle:
1. polkadot ribbon
2. an old bangle
3. glue
4. pair of scissors

and here's the step by step:
firstly you need to glue some part inside the bangle then wrap the ribbon around the bangle slowly,, 
give a consistent distance between the layers,, 
until it full then cut the ribbon and burn it so that the ribbon can't burst,,
and the last,, glue the end side of the ribbon to the bangle,,

and here's my picture today with my new DIY polkadot bangle
hijab style

Monday, May 10, 2010

IRON MAN 2 and La Senza Big Sale

Yesterday me and Rizka watched IRON MAN 2 @XXI BSM,,
and after that, while he's shopping some shocks I bought some Bra's at La Senza,, they offered a very big sale ^^
here's the pict,,
D-I-Y dress
hmm,, it was mirror photo,, 
yesterday I was wearing my DIY dress I got Taylor sew it from two pieces suit became a dress and purple outer that I bought on Orange MKG,, 

here's the picture outside BSM
La Senza big sale

i'm very happy honey,, thanks

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here's the Cover

Cover Modul Pelatihan punya Astrid Daniati dan Rizka Setia Wardhana ^^


well good luck for both of you,, good luck for the deadline,, good luck for the presentation

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Creation of Mine

it's been a long long time since my days became hectic,,
yesterday,, finally i opened again my adobe photoshop 
I made a cover for Rizka's assignment,, his topic is about public speaking based on book Talk Inc.
so i decided to use red color!
I hardly found the red curtain with podium in the portrait,, here i just edit the landscape view become a portrait view,,
red curtain

then here's for the background slide
public speaking

i made the picture become transparent i turn down the opacity then i put it on right-bottom side

and today, Acid ask me to made a cover for her too, her topic is Family Communication based on book Nanny 911
but I haven't done it yet,, I need some suggestion from her,, and this is my recent design cover for her
cover family communication

 and here's the picture I made while I was designing her cover
happy family