Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Creation of Mine

it's been a long long time since my days became hectic,,
yesterday,, finally i opened again my adobe photoshop 
I made a cover for Rizka's assignment,, his topic is about public speaking based on book Talk Inc.
so i decided to use red color!
I hardly found the red curtain with podium in the portrait,, here i just edit the landscape view become a portrait view,,
red curtain

then here's for the background slide
public speaking

i made the picture become transparent i turn down the opacity then i put it on right-bottom side

and today, Acid ask me to made a cover for her too, her topic is Family Communication based on book Nanny 911
but I haven't done it yet,, I need some suggestion from her,, and this is my recent design cover for her
cover family communication

 and here's the picture I made while I was designing her cover
happy family

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