Saturday, February 27, 2010

DIY Project: Customize Boy's Cardigan

I said yesterday I bought new boy's cardigan and today i have an idea to customize the cardigan,,
okay here's the list of things you need

1. sew needle
2. thread
3. lace
4. and of course a pair of scissors

sew needle thread and lacehere's the cardigan when I just bought it yesterday

okay let's make it!

Firstly, I measure the cuff size then I cut the lace fit to its size
I sew it up to the cuff

after I've done the cuff part,, I cut the lace to the small pieces it's about 1.5cms then i noded it become a bow

after that I sew the handmade bow to the chest side,,

and here's the result

customized boy cardigan
customized boy cardigan
customized boy cardigan
hoho i'm so satisfy with my new customized cardigan

Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Friday

Like the title of RAN's song,, Thanks God it's Friday,,
today I went to Bandung with Rizka,, firstly we went to BEC,, then I bought some books to feed my brain
"Membaca, Gaya Hidup, dan Kapitalisme" and "Semiotika Visual dan Semantika Produk"
And Rizka bought Naruto and hmmph,, i forgot the title but it seems like "Success through Character" or a kind like that,,

and finally we went to Ciwalk,,
so long time ago,, and everything's changing there,,

We ate at Gokkana Teppan,, I ordered Ramen Hot Ebi Maki and Ice Lemonade and Rizka ordered Ramen Hot Beef and Hot Ocha
then we walk around @ CiWalk,,
i bought a cardigan on Oceanus,, yeah I know that's a men's boutique but i really love the grey cardigan that I bought,,
There are some pictures today,,

well this was how I got dress a day,,
with a new skirt that i bought twin with Ratih about several months a go at Orange TP Surabaya
i love its motive and color,,

Thursday, February 25, 2010

customize my plain shirt with crayon deco

finally i'm doing DIY Project again,,
i add some picture and sentence on my plain t shirt using:

an iron,, pattern,, and fabric crayon
and of course,,
DIY customize plain shirtthe step by step:
  1. make a reverse pattern on a paper
  2. color it
  3. put the paper on the shirt with the colored side face the shirt
  4. and last iron it for a while
and tarampampa,, here's the result,, my new shirt with a picture

DIY customize plain shirtoh, by the way,, i made the same picture on another shirt of mine,,

DIY customize plain shirt
i'm a really coffee lover ^^

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

online game i use to play everyday

this is sorority life,, my character name's Rizti Khairinnisa
please join my house ^^

Friday, February 19, 2010

About Lovely Morning

I really love a MORNING!
love the smell
love the color
love the breeze
love the weather

Perfect morning means only by my self, doing what i want to do, have a cup of coffee, reading my current book or just browsing in the internet,, with a sunshine,, not too cold weather,, windy,, fresh air,,

Morning means much too me, saat kita memulai pagi kita dengan bangun lebih awal,, just see,, We'll fight the day enthusiastic,, so I love to wake up early and I hate to be hurry going to campus in the morning,, because Morning Moment so important to boost up my mood for a day,,

I really gratitude for My Lovely God,, i have a perfect boarding house! We have a kin of garden in front of our room,, so perfect picture in the morning,, green and fresh ^^,, that's why i'm not leaving my boarding house though it's so far far away from my campus,,

i have some wish for my next perfect morning in the future,,

#1 wake up early in my pent house,, watching for the perfect sky,, far from the whoop-de-doo,, a cup of coffee,, perfect internet connection,, preparing for my work,,

#2 Greece-Swiss-Ireland-watching their sky from the hotel balcony-perfect breakfast with my Mr. Right-ready for discover the world

perfect song for my perfect morning
Iron and Wine - Flightless Bird, American Mouth

or get some spirit from
ABBA - Dancing Queen

Be pleasant until ten o'clock in the morning and the rest of the day will take care of itself. ~Elbert Hubbard