Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Friday

Like the title of RAN's song,, Thanks God it's Friday,,
today I went to Bandung with Rizka,, firstly we went to BEC,, then I bought some books to feed my brain
"Membaca, Gaya Hidup, dan Kapitalisme" and "Semiotika Visual dan Semantika Produk"
And Rizka bought Naruto and hmmph,, i forgot the title but it seems like "Success through Character" or a kind like that,,

and finally we went to Ciwalk,,
so long time ago,, and everything's changing there,,

We ate at Gokkana Teppan,, I ordered Ramen Hot Ebi Maki and Ice Lemonade and Rizka ordered Ramen Hot Beef and Hot Ocha
then we walk around @ CiWalk,,
i bought a cardigan on Oceanus,, yeah I know that's a men's boutique but i really love the grey cardigan that I bought,,
There are some pictures today,,

well this was how I got dress a day,,
with a new skirt that i bought twin with Ratih about several months a go at Orange TP Surabaya
i love its motive and color,,

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