Saturday, February 27, 2010

DIY Project: Customize Boy's Cardigan

I said yesterday I bought new boy's cardigan and today i have an idea to customize the cardigan,,
okay here's the list of things you need

1. sew needle
2. thread
3. lace
4. and of course a pair of scissors

sew needle thread and lacehere's the cardigan when I just bought it yesterday

okay let's make it!

Firstly, I measure the cuff size then I cut the lace fit to its size
I sew it up to the cuff

after I've done the cuff part,, I cut the lace to the small pieces it's about 1.5cms then i noded it become a bow

after that I sew the handmade bow to the chest side,,

and here's the result

customized boy cardigan
customized boy cardigan
customized boy cardigan
hoho i'm so satisfy with my new customized cardigan

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