Friday, March 5, 2010

From Skirt to Top and My Thought About Fashion

skirt as top
what I wore:
flowery skirt as a top
unbranded brown outer
animal printed belt
snake skinned bag
bebe worn black jeans
symbolize sandal

during my saving and diet month,,
yesterday two person said i look slimmer
i didn't know that's the fact or just "really look like"
whatever,, I'm so happy

I usually use over-sized clothe cause I really comfortable but now,, after my body became a bigger(during my KKN period) and sure i'ts the biggest size of my body ever
then I thought it's better to wear a fitted clothe (okay it's fitted NOT tight)

haha may be I'm a media victim whose defining beauty is slim,,
whatever people said,, I just really feel uncomfortable to move when my body become bigger
and sometimes i really really UNCOMFORTABLE when people said caring about fashion just means nothing, capitalism victim, unstable teen,, whatever to you,,
to me fashion means art,, i love made my own fashion,, i see them as my creation the same as photographer see their photo,, movie maker see their movie,, or artist see their paint,,
that's my pleasure doing like that because since I'm a little girl I saw my Mom made her and my clothes,, I saw her happy to give me her work,,

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