Friday, March 5, 2010

Denim Padded Blazer

Last year on December, I bought new denim outer with very big sized but the prize so very extraordinary cheap,, without a lot thought I bought it,,
And when i came home and tried it,, it look so bad on my body,, here is the picture of my denim outer,, it's look like pregnant Mom,, T.T
then I decided to make over the outer

denim oversized blazer
About three days ago, I went to the tailor,, and ask her to make over the outer as i sketch on the paper,, I ask her to make it fit to me and add some pad to its shoulder,, then here's the result after 3 days,,
my padded denim blazer

denim padded blazer
what i wore:
padded denim blazer
do it my self necklace
and tie dye shirt from Tyas

it's look so better on me,,

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