Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two days and A night

We(Nova, Lugazh, Angga, Harrys, Arnie, Me, and of course Rizka) left Jatinangor on 4 am to Anyer and Rizka be the first driver till Jakarta,,,
this is some picture of me on a long way to and from Karang Bolong Beach
it's on our way, we were in front of Alfamart Cilegon,, buying some food
we've just arrived and checking the beach in front of our cottage
we're off from cottage and driving to someplace,, we're searching for another beach for swimming and play banana boat
after we swam, i bought an ice coconut
we're ready for banana boat
this is our last picture in front of the cottage name Nova (the same name with some of us)
okay I'll show you our name: (from right to left) Angga'onyet'; Nova; Arnie; Lugazh; Me; Rizka; Harrys

this is on the way back, we stopped to buy some cold drink,,

and here's the picture of me,,

customize plain shirt, tie dye top, and black bottom

customize plain shirt, Bali top, tie dye jeans, snake skin sling bag and aviator sunglasses
I edited this last photo,, I made the cloud, the sky become more blue, the water become more blue,, and of course my name on the sand and the black frame..

It was just two days and a night,, we cooked together and play together,,
can't wait 'till next holiday

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