Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two days and A night

We(Nova, Lugazh, Angga, Harrys, Arnie, Me, and of course Rizka) left Jatinangor on 4 am to Anyer and Rizka be the first driver till Jakarta,,,
this is some picture of me on a long way to and from Karang Bolong Beach
it's on our way, we were in front of Alfamart Cilegon,, buying some food
we've just arrived and checking the beach in front of our cottage
we're off from cottage and driving to someplace,, we're searching for another beach for swimming and play banana boat
after we swam, i bought an ice coconut
we're ready for banana boat
this is our last picture in front of the cottage name Nova (the same name with some of us)
okay I'll show you our name: (from right to left) Angga'onyet'; Nova; Arnie; Lugazh; Me; Rizka; Harrys

this is on the way back, we stopped to buy some cold drink,,

and here's the picture of me,,

customize plain shirt, tie dye top, and black bottom

customize plain shirt, Bali top, tie dye jeans, snake skin sling bag and aviator sunglasses
I edited this last photo,, I made the cloud, the sky become more blue, the water become more blue,, and of course my name on the sand and the black frame..

It was just two days and a night,, we cooked together and play together,,
can't wait 'till next holiday

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DIY Project: Tie Dye Jeans

I found my old pale grey jeans on my drawers.
I rarely use it before because the jeans to tight and the color too pale,, it doesn't look good on my big leg,, --"
so I decided to 'did' something on my jeans I made a splattered jeans by myself,, 
bright grey jeans
then, i seek my 'tools' from my kit,,,
wantex and spray bottle
i need some Wantex to colored the jean,, bottle spray to spray it onto jean,, and last an old newspaper
then I just pour the wantex with hot water into the bottle spray, I used three colors here,, which are bright blue, purple, and bright red
first I used the palest color to became a base color,, bright blue,,, I spray the the wantex randomly almost spread all over
Then,, I spray the darker color, purple randomly but rarely in some side and finally i add some red

then ironed it to get dried the jean after that I washed it without detergent then I dried it by the sun in front of my room
DIY tie dye jeans

I didn't know why the colors look pale on my jeans but it looks so bold on my DIY tie dye scarf
Probably because how i colored the jeans not fit in the instruction to tie dying cloth. 
It's okay,, after the jeans dry,,
I washed it again with detergent and here's the picture of me with my new Tie Dye Jeans
DIY tie dye jeans

that was on Cilegon, on my way to Karang Bolong beach I wore Bali shirt, my customized boy's cardigan, and the new DIY tie dye jeans

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Wish this Morning

I woke up not too early as usual,, and after pray I turned on my Aira(my notebook's name) then I'm searching for some fashion inspirations,,

I really envy Susie,, everyday she could be struggling with everything she likes. Everyday she can take a picture of some unique fashion things. She has many accesses to the couture runway. She could mix and match her own style without anyone insult her BUT exactly appreciates what she does as art of fashion.

Then I asked to God,"God, if I could request for my future life,, I want to be not just something but big thing in fashion industries which made me have many accesses to runways,, I want to have an autonomy of my own fashion,, I don't want to be the next Susie or Diana Rikasari,, I want to be me with my freedom to write my thought about fashion and do my fashion pleasure,, and I hope I can be everybody's influence in the way to get dressed "

Humm,, seems so drama,, but that's what I want,, and might many girls's want

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Favorite Old Song

Everybody loves Audrey Hepburn,, she's one of my favorite fashion icon in the past,, 
She looks incredible with her popular style with long pipe,,
In her time, She's seen as most feminine and dreamy aspirations: to be beautiful, cosmopolitan, slender, charming, gracious, funny, chic.
by the way,, I love her fashion(y) movie titled Breakfast At Tiffany's,, and from this movie i heard to the beautiful sound from her called Moon River,, 
Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly sings Moon River with an acoustic guitar on the edge of her apartment window,,
Sure this song's really great, i love to listen it in the early calm morning,,
and here's the lyric :

Moon river wider than a mile
I'm crossing you in style someday
You dream maker, you heart breaker
wherever you're going, I'm going your way

Two drifters off to see the world
There's such a lot of world to see
We're after the same rainbow's end
waiting 'round the bend
My huckleberry friend, moon river and me

by the way this beautiful song's made by Harry Mancini and the lyric's made by Johnny Mercer and this song won an Oscar in 1961, as the best original song.

During My Rest Time

Ohh,, well I'm not getting well as soon as I hope but sure today my body get better than yesterday,,
And today, i received a gift from home,, my Mom sent me an electric stove and my dad sent me two books which he download at The title is CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AND ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT by Matin Khan and THE FACE OF FASHION CULTURAL STUDIES IN FASHION by Jennifer Craik. I hope I can read it till done by my rest time,, but I still owe to read two books that I bought last month about semiotic and reading for pleasure in cultural studies,,
About several years ago I really love to read a book, but I don't know why after I studied in college,, book seems so boring when I can get an instant information from internet. Pffiuh,, or somehow I feel I did'nt have enough spare time for reading. I prefer play or sleep or doing something make me refreshed when I have a spare time.
But i hope i can read many book during this semester. Amieen,, yea,, because I need to feed my hunger brain,,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


That's my yesterday's photo on campus. I was using my new denim padded blazer, home-made blouse, LEA Blue label jeans, white oxford shoes, and new purple ring.
Yesterday i felt a 'lil bit dizzy in my head and today I'm sick, I've got fever and my tounge colored white ,, I hope everything will be alright,,
I planned to see a doctor after maghrib but see now the weather is rainy,, huhu,, whatever with the matter, I just wanna get well soon,,

Get well soon irinasay!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Boiled Up

i can't say anything but "what the hell"



Friday, March 5, 2010

Denim Padded Blazer

Last year on December, I bought new denim outer with very big sized but the prize so very extraordinary cheap,, without a lot thought I bought it,,
And when i came home and tried it,, it look so bad on my body,, here is the picture of my denim outer,, it's look like pregnant Mom,, T.T
then I decided to make over the outer

denim oversized blazer
About three days ago, I went to the tailor,, and ask her to make over the outer as i sketch on the paper,, I ask her to make it fit to me and add some pad to its shoulder,, then here's the result after 3 days,,
my padded denim blazer

denim padded blazer
what i wore:
padded denim blazer
do it my self necklace
and tie dye shirt from Tyas

it's look so better on me,,

From Skirt to Top and My Thought About Fashion

skirt as top
what I wore:
flowery skirt as a top
unbranded brown outer
animal printed belt
snake skinned bag
bebe worn black jeans
symbolize sandal

during my saving and diet month,,
yesterday two person said i look slimmer
i didn't know that's the fact or just "really look like"
whatever,, I'm so happy

I usually use over-sized clothe cause I really comfortable but now,, after my body became a bigger(during my KKN period) and sure i'ts the biggest size of my body ever
then I thought it's better to wear a fitted clothe (okay it's fitted NOT tight)

haha may be I'm a media victim whose defining beauty is slim,,
whatever people said,, I just really feel uncomfortable to move when my body become bigger
and sometimes i really really UNCOMFORTABLE when people said caring about fashion just means nothing, capitalism victim, unstable teen,, whatever to you,,
to me fashion means art,, i love made my own fashion,, i see them as my creation the same as photographer see their photo,, movie maker see their movie,, or artist see their paint,,
that's my pleasure doing like that because since I'm a little girl I saw my Mom made her and my clothes,, I saw her happy to give me her work,,