Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DIY Project: Tie Dye Jeans

I found my old pale grey jeans on my drawers.
I rarely use it before because the jeans to tight and the color too pale,, it doesn't look good on my big leg,, --"
so I decided to 'did' something on my jeans I made a splattered jeans by myself,, 
bright grey jeans
then, i seek my 'tools' from my kit,,,
wantex and spray bottle
i need some Wantex to colored the jean,, bottle spray to spray it onto jean,, and last an old newspaper
then I just pour the wantex with hot water into the bottle spray, I used three colors here,, which are bright blue, purple, and bright red
first I used the palest color to became a base color,, bright blue,,, I spray the the wantex randomly almost spread all over
Then,, I spray the darker color, purple randomly but rarely in some side and finally i add some red

then ironed it to get dried the jean after that I washed it without detergent then I dried it by the sun in front of my room
DIY tie dye jeans

I didn't know why the colors look pale on my jeans but it looks so bold on my DIY tie dye scarf
Probably because how i colored the jeans not fit in the instruction to tie dying cloth. 
It's okay,, after the jeans dry,,
I washed it again with detergent and here's the picture of me with my new Tie Dye Jeans
DIY tie dye jeans

that was on Cilegon, on my way to Karang Bolong beach I wore Bali shirt, my customized boy's cardigan, and the new DIY tie dye jeans

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