Thursday, March 11, 2010

During My Rest Time

Ohh,, well I'm not getting well as soon as I hope but sure today my body get better than yesterday,,
And today, i received a gift from home,, my Mom sent me an electric stove and my dad sent me two books which he download at The title is CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AND ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT by Matin Khan and THE FACE OF FASHION CULTURAL STUDIES IN FASHION by Jennifer Craik. I hope I can read it till done by my rest time,, but I still owe to read two books that I bought last month about semiotic and reading for pleasure in cultural studies,,
About several years ago I really love to read a book, but I don't know why after I studied in college,, book seems so boring when I can get an instant information from internet. Pffiuh,, or somehow I feel I did'nt have enough spare time for reading. I prefer play or sleep or doing something make me refreshed when I have a spare time.
But i hope i can read many book during this semester. Amieen,, yea,, because I need to feed my hunger brain,,

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