Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Wish this Morning

I woke up not too early as usual,, and after pray I turned on my Aira(my notebook's name) then I'm searching for some fashion inspirations,,

I really envy Susie,, everyday she could be struggling with everything she likes. Everyday she can take a picture of some unique fashion things. She has many accesses to the couture runway. She could mix and match her own style without anyone insult her BUT exactly appreciates what she does as art of fashion.

Then I asked to God,"God, if I could request for my future life,, I want to be not just something but big thing in fashion industries which made me have many accesses to runways,, I want to have an autonomy of my own fashion,, I don't want to be the next Susie or Diana Rikasari,, I want to be me with my freedom to write my thought about fashion and do my fashion pleasure,, and I hope I can be everybody's influence in the way to get dressed "

Humm,, seems so drama,, but that's what I want,, and might many girls's want

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