Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gloomy Sky at Mount Fuji

It's a pine forest at Mount Fuji.
The sky was clear at first and full of shine then it became cloudy, we almost get light rain...
Unfortunately, we couldn't reach Step 5 at Mount Fuji due to traffic at the weekend.
Well, it's not my point. I promise to write often and update my last trip. Since I already share my trips on my tumblr, I decided to make "Story of the Picture" from the photo that taken from my trip.

So this is the story...
Lately I realize, I almost lost my "me" side. Like the
I used to write and sketch often before.
I like to write a story since elementary school back then, I write detective story, family story and love story and poem sometimes. Until my Senior high school time, I made a novel called Journey to the Past and I still revised them during my College years.
Last year, before I got a job I also still write a short story about A Couple Friend : Hiara and Fabian.
Somehow, I still write but I think I lost my inspiration. Most of the time I don't know what to write.
Well, I miss the old me, when it's easy to write a poem in a beautiful language, or just write a story about something that I like.

I also realize, I became far from my dream become designer. I rarely sketch, I also lack of inspiration. Though now I still regularly design my own cloth.

I become a person with less leisure time. Most of my free day I used for rest and do some exercise so my body can be fit.

But I lost my inspiration, I lost my reason to write and sketch. Like those gloomy sky that full of cloud that block the sunshine. This now "thingy" blocked me from "My Old Me". I can't say I don't like what I've done right now. I'm happy, I travel more, I learn and I work to something that at least my other passion. But just, there's an empty room that I need to fill out.

Hopefully I can fill it the soonest.
Stay cheers and move forward.


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