Friday, May 15, 2009

Syuting FTV day one

undone yet,, out of my prediction,, wasting time,, and disappointed me so much,,
but,, at least i can take a picture with Rover which is one of Indri's cat,,

here are the picts,,
jadi inget kisah ngelempar kucing saat masih balita,, konon,, when i was a child,, i threw my cousin's cat to the pond,, the cat still alive at that time but when he saw me they run away.
if he could scream out loud he should say,"hey look that girl! she's a monster! Ran away for your life!!!"

haha,, sure i don't like a cat,, if I could choose a pet, i prefer to adopt a dog or a lion than a cat. But Rover is an exception,, gue masih tetep g suka kucing tapi,, yang satu ini lucu banget,, matanya bulet,, hehe,, liat tuh kepalanya aja enak banget nempel ditelapak tangan gw,,,

hari ini melelahkan,, menyebalkan memang, seenggaknya dapet pelajaran gimana me-manage sebuah produksi FTV dengan talent dan crew yang belom 'pro'

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