Monday, January 17, 2011

Long Time No Post, this is story about how I miss My Class

It's been a long time ago..
When things get rushed... I've no time to write again.. maybe sometimes i have a little time
but I should spend it with people around me...

This is last phase of my campus time..
I'll miss my classmate.. study w/ them.. or just have a chit chat...
this people from class B of Management Communication 2007, I'll mention it one by one :

  1. Adjie Widyawan (Head Class of Mankom B)
  2. Astrid Daniati
  3. Raisa Nurul (always be my classmate from the first time)
  4. Cynthia Dwiyana
  5. Kinanti Desyva
  6. Lugaz Priya
  7. Nurul Ayudia
  8. Paramitha Ayu Palupi
  9. Qisthina Chairani
  10. Fury Setiawati
  11. Afrizal
  12. Rahmat Hidayat
  13. Erga Arlingga
  14. Zaki A. Muhsy
  15. Kartika Putri
  16. Attiina Restillahia
  17. Hegar Chataling
  18. Anita Noor Aprilia
  19. Amaliyah Hidayah
  20. Tri Ramadhani
  21. Aditama Gunawan
  22. Adreani Fitria Tamara
  23. Nanda Ayu
  24. Yulviana Gitria Putri
  25. Aji Hendratmojo
  26. Arnie Mellawatie
  27. Intan Permata Asih
  28. Andri Safari
  29. R. Yogie Prawira

They're such a great people who've been accompany me through this 2 years and more..
I miss that class since last semester when we've started our class separately by our concentration
I remember how we yell each other.. how we called "engkong 76", "kucluk","bundo","jigon"*even he has a short haircut now*,"tiche", "Lugaz priyakah?", "Mojo", "Burubah","fesyenebel","pipin","bangkum"...
I remember how we hate MTV subject... and some of our lectures.. Mr. A to Z.. how we yell him behind
or when we flattered Mrs. R, she's so funny.. how we alternately skip her class...
Such a great things we have... we ran we fell we stood up again...

there always be a many stories to tell when we meet again someday...
we have ours family... child... successful job... and our dreams come true...

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