Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spontaneous Vacation: Yogyakarta

That was spontaneous vacation. When I arrived on Nangor, I said what if we go to Yogya in this weekend. And he said yes... so without much prepare we  were leaving to Yogyakarta at Thursday Nite.
We're using Kahuripan Economy Train for only Rp24.000/seat, that is his challenge to me. He said I always use executive class. And I said yes I would love to economy class when I remembered we don't have much money to spend.

We're start from Kiaracondong Station, we should buy the ticket at least on hour before departure. And when we arrived at the station, ticket scalper went up on us and offered us some tickets. he said the ticket with seat had sold out and if we buy from the counter will seat on the floor. And I said to Bebo "No, better we try first, and as if we don't get a seat, I don't want to buy from him, that's hurt my prestige. I better seat on the train's floor. I don't want to give him money." And Bebo had the same opinion with me.

So we just buy from the counter and Bebo queued from half to six and we got the ticket about six pass twenty minute. I'm happy...  I knew maybe that is only way they know to get the money, but why they did it   to lower class people to the same person with them, it's cruel. I hate it!

The train came to Kiaracondong Station about 08.30 pm and arrived at Lempuyangan Station, Yogyakarta in Friday morning. I felt the breeze fresher than Jakarta or Jatinangor. We walked to reach Trans Yogya Shelter,  that was quit far but I thought it the best way to enjoy Yogyakarta morning than we called 'ojeg'. I didn't remember the exactly price of the ticket but I thought it's about Rp2500 to Rp3500. 

At that Friday, we went to Ullen Sentalu Museum at Kaliurang near the Merapi but we were late so we just go to some Teh Poci store and enjoy the Teh Poci with lump sugar until night. And about 10 pm or more we went to Angkringan to eat Gudeg. Sadly, I didn't like that food. The taste too sweet too me, It's not bad of course. So many people love gudeg, I'm only the exception :).

On Saturday, we went to Ullen Sentalu Museum Again, the ticket is Rp35.000 but you can get discount if you show your student ID. We prohibitted to take of picture in the museum. We just can get outside the museum. And after the museum trip we got herb drink.

After Ullen Sentalu we continued to... hmm.. I forgot the name.. it must be Telaga or something. But we didn't enter. We just ate Jadah Tempe. It's Tempe bacem with Jadah made from Ketan. It's nice snack, the bacem is sweet and the jadah is salty.

And then we continued again to Taman sari, unfortunately, again and again we're late. Tamansari is close on 4pm. So we just took picture outside Tamansari.

At the night we went to House of Raminten. It is Restaurant with strong Yogyakarta nuance. But some people said most of the waiter is h**o. May it just rumor or truth, whatever. 

On Sunday, we (just me and bebo) went to Malioboro street and Taman Pintar, we were looking for thesis but we got nothing. At Malioboro I bought bag, sandal and Malioboro shirt. They're cheap if you can bargain smartly :). And we tried Artemy Gelato, that's very nice.
At the nite we watched football match on Gubug Cafe.

And last day, Monday we didn't go anywhere just to prepared everything to back home. We back home with executive buss hohoho... 

PS. thank you to Vicky and her boyfriend, Jokum; Eki; Ateng; Menceng; Wisnu; and Tupir. And of course my Bebo. i'm not just happy anymore... I'm GLAD :))

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