Monday, April 4, 2011

Martabak Manis 2011

The theme of Martabak Manis in this year is Island of Paraadise .

What is Martabak Manis? Martabak Manis is a gathering of a Management Communication big family.. for students.. alumnus.. lecture.. 
 Last weekend, we first gathered in Pangdam then went to Lebak Tjawene together by bus.
These are our pictures, especially Mankom 2007 pictures from Yulvi's camera :
DAY 1 :
the people of 2007 who's coming that night

the people of 2007's girls who's stay in cottage

some of 2007's girls and 2008's girls
at the yard

Lecture's performance by Pak ilham and Pak Kunto, they performed Iwa K's song "Bebas". Pak Ilham is our best rapper ;p.

Bibilintik's performance

The 2008 Dancer *sorry I forgot the name :
Firstly the three of them sang "Lady Marmalade" and wow.. they sang gracefully and then they dance :

DAY 2 :
Morning beauty class by Astrid and Legia

our room

Morning photo session :)

after breakfast

Strida and Alvin... Alvin sang Korean's song for Strida, and she recorded it :) so sweet
Sis Nita and Reinhard. Business couple hoho.. She said that after 2 years relationship she's still feeling "gemes" to him everyday :) 

Sadly, I didn't come with my bebo :(
The day first was greatly done. Even if in my opinion,  the show wasn't very good. It's too resemble with last year Martabak Manis. The people who came to Marman this year is more less than last year. Moreover there's no agenda in 2nd day.. we're really bored.
But me personally, very happy. After long time no see each other we met again in there and doing much fun.
Thanks to the committee of Martabak Manis 2011

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