Friday, April 1, 2011


I know.. it's morning already 1.35 AM. But I still can't sleep. I have 'jogging date' in the 6 AM and I hope I can keep my promise. 

It's about my thesis! That's why these several day I have insomnia...

From beginning I said to myself, you should make it with your interest topic, and then I did it on my seminar. I made it with the title "Creative Processes in the Production of Website Fashionesedaily" using media ethnography method.
I really have a big passion in fashion, that's why I choose it. Then I met the founder of The Daily Media, a company who held Fashionese Daily(FD) and also the Editor of FD. But unfortunately, they can't help me. And then I called (And it means I broke my promise to myself to make my thesis with fashion topic) . My proposal is in processes to be accepted or rejected. May be on next Monday I'll call them again to follow up. 
I'm now on my pessimistic point, I have no idea for my thesis. I thought over and over again.. how to solve this problem.  My Mom asked me to done my undergraduate study on this midyear. Then my dad asked me the same demand. Yes I called it demand. It's just three months again to done it and I have nothing on my hand :(

Oh God, I need your guidance.. please help me... I want my undergraduate study finish soon. I know my Dad need more money to finance my brother. He'll be on undergraduate study this year. I believe in You, God..
I just need to pray, Detik accept my proposal or make a new thesis proposal and after that I need to move fast. Please help me to make a miracle happen. I trust You.. Amiin

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