Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The First Voyage is Over

So this is the story about how the first man left :

It almost 4 years without any big problem.
He said sorry and shed a tears. The way he sorried, the way he shed a tear it's the sweetest goodbye.
I was just speechless when he explained why.
He said may be we were too cool with our relationship that's why finally we had a big gap.

Silence in my heart.
I just accept it without calculated how deep my heart will broke.
Yes, he who the first initiate this break up thing but...
If I want to I might be push him.. but I didn't..
I can't.. my heart can even speak a word..
I have no faith to make us stay still

Like I always said to my heart, that he's not strong enough for me
Yeah, I always have a doubt for him
I even pray to God, I mention break up things if he wasn't good enough for me
So this might be an answer of my prayer.
And it just ended yesterday.
Hopefully today I'll be stronger than yesterday.
It hurts, I won't fool my self with saying it's okay.
It hurts enough, but I know everything's going to be okay.
Because I believe that this is the best for us.
I believe this is an answer to my prayer to God.
The voyage is over, we both weren't strong enough to continue this voyage. At least it was wonderful voyage. And now I pulled up at the port waiting for another voyage.

I can't wait to see my heart healing, it will take time but sure it won't be long. Amen.

PS :
I don't like when people buzzing around and pity on me...
I really need someone say "May be he's not for you. You'll find another great voyage"

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