Saturday, November 17, 2012

Touching Conversation in FAITH (Korean Drama)

Lately, I've been finished watching "Faith". It's Korean Drama. Yeah I know to some people they're too cheesy, in other hand for others they're so lovable.

I don't casually watching historical drama, I don't find any interest of it but its the exception for now. Because the only one Korean actor that I adore so much, Lee Min Ho took a role in this kind of Historical Drama named "Faith".

I'm not saying that this drama was great. It's just so-so to me. But, you know that so-so drama or cheesy drama or whatever they mocked at Korean Drama, they always give me some lessons.

Enough talking, these are the part that nudge me so much. When Lee Min Ho got angry to his Woman because his woman hide that she has been poisoned by antagonist role.

Man : Am I still that far away? That you don't feel the need to tell me these things? Am I still that far from you?

Woman : I knew you'd get mad.

Man : Do you still not know why I get mad?

Woman : If I told you, you'll run over there again and listen to them. Last time you did...(very rude things). This time, what would you have to do? Because of me, you've had to lower your head several times and be locked up. You're not someone who should be doing things like that.

Man : So, is that why... You're so far away?

Woman : (silent for sometimes) Wait! Don't turn around. Just listen. I'll ask one thing. Should I... Not go? Can I stay? Can't I?

Man : Even after being poisoned, how can you say that?

Woman : Then I'll ask you this way. The remaining days, day by day. I'm going to love you the way I want. Can you forget, once I'm gone? You must not live recklessly or sleep all the time. Don't be like that, and just forget it all, okay?

Man : Forget you?

Woman : Promise me you will

They're arguing to protect each other. The man get angry cause he's worry that much to his woman. And the woman, try to hide her pain to protect his man of doing reckless and rude thing.

Since, it just a script I don't know if that kind of love is really exist in reality. Until know I just believe something romantic is just on movie. I like romantic things, cheesy things but when it comes to me, it never suits me well. I even make laugh my boyfriend when he tried to tease me with compliment.

How about you? Does that kind of love exist? Are romantic things really exist?

And once more, this drama taught me, that whatever will be happen tomorrow or in the future. As a person, we shouldn't give up to try the best, to live to the fullest. Because we really never know what will happen tomorrow... So just doing your best so you never regret about yesterday.

Ahh... Nice to see Lee Min Ho in the last seen. So Manly with his bare beard.
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