Sunday, February 22, 2009

,,1st post on this my 3rd blog,,

this isn't my 1st blog,, i have two blogs before,, first on my friendster account and then i made my blog on wordpress,,

And now,, ini posting pertama gw di blog ke-3,, moga2 g ada masalah lagi kaya' di blog sebelumnya,,

oh ya, let me introduce my self,,
Rizti Khairinnisa,, or justt call me Irin,, i love traveling,, drawing -make a sketch of cloth design-,, eat some chocolate,, writing sometimes,, reading a novel,, watching movie,, having a cup of coffee,, enjoy in front of my notebook and browsing,, i love outdoor activity EXCEPT the sun shining extremely,, swimming! it's the only one sport i can do better hahaha,,

enough i think for the first

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