Friday, March 27, 2009

Rabu, 25 Maret 2009

i was so tired,, after studying and then meeting for Martabak Manis,, i was not in the good mood,,
sure,, for that day,, i rarely smile,, whoah,, it's not so me,, hehe
btw,, it's Flower Day,, it's journalist agenda on my campus,, they tried to making money with selling flower to university student (on FIKOM, exactly) they gave deliver flower service. From secret admirer to their idol.
Laras coerced me to bought the rose for someone,, huaa,, for whom? i don't have any real target rite now, though the Windowman.
hehe then Ile gave me such a brilliant idea,, she suggested me one name,,
"brilliant!" then my reaction "haha"
i sent him a yellow rose,, yellow rose meant friendship hehehe,,
that was only one reason to smile on that gloomy Wednesday,, i saw him show up his rose from me,,
i'm happy then,,

when we were meeting for martabak manis,, there are many good news but i still felt gloomy,,
at the end of the meeting,, i know,, the doorman want to gave me something,, i was waiting,,
he didn't do some effort
I knew,, from the last 'accident' when he revealed his felt,, i knew he won't do some effort to convinced me

i just didn't want to hurt him,,

then i ran away,, back to my room then go to Pinguin quickly,,
rite his friend called me to back my board house,, come on why not him???

then i back to my board house with Ile and Lampung,, unfortunately,, my key left behind,,

then he did 'it' again in front of my home,,
i said no with so many prologue,, about why 'no',, i told him everything,,
i didn't want to make him sad,,

he smile and me too,, okay it's clear enough,,

psstt,, he gave me the red rose and white rose

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