Monday, March 30, 2009

something happened in the past just called memories

i saw his picture,,
i smile,, this felt was never be the same like i used to,,
everything changes in time,, included me,, included him,,

i just wonder if we could met again,,
would we have a conversation?
or just smile then go?
or just pretending we didn't know each other?,, oh it's a pity,,

i thought there's so much conversation we should do,,
may be about ,"hey,, long time no see,, how do you do? good job you've been done,, Did you keep drumstick from me? use it? or just lost it?"

it's trivia! wasting time maybe,, but may it could be a pleasure to me,,
yeah,, my felt was never be the same,,
but i just wondered,,
to me something in the past just called memories,, then i framed it with "remembrances" so i could comeback recall that moment,,

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