Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Goes to Surabaya

There are my pict from Surabaya trip.
At monday, I went to Surabaya with Agil by train. He went for shopping and me for meeting Ratih, Aiu, and Imaniar.
First, we went to Sutos for watching Final Destination 4 3d. Then we ate @House of Wok with the jumbo size. I ordered fried rice cantoon and coffee breeze. Then we went to WTC, Agil looking for bluetooth headset. And then we went to Surabaya Plaza or we called it Delta.
The last destination, we went to TP Surabaya. And we met aiu & ratih there. Miss them so but sadly imaniar can't came in. Her grandma was sick. *get well soon grandma*
We ate @soursally I ord ered original small with kiwi and strawberry. Then I and Ratih bought the same skirt @Orange.
At 22.30, we went back to Jember. I was so tired but I'm happy.

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