Friday, October 9, 2009

Having a Great Day!!

My Mom said when we thought negative about something sure it will be something negative. On Wednesday morning I said that they would be a lil hard day,, and like what I said,, it had been such a hard day,, On the Thursday morning,, i said i would have a great day and sure it was a great day..

Firstly, I'm only having one class MBM with a great lecture. Then,, I have a break-lunch(breakfast +lunch) at Psychology canteen then we were(Me, Acil, and Yulvi) walking around Jatinangor from campus to Jatos. Tiringly but we have fum so much.

I bought some veil,, include an animal printed silk veil. I really fall in love with that veil. And I plan for using that veil to campus on Saturday.. can't wait!!!

And this is a picture that I took on Thursday before we were walking around

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