Saturday, October 17, 2009

my childhood

If somebody asked me,"If you could comeback to past, where and when would you go?" and I'll answer,"Something in the past to me just called memories,, it will be special if we just can reach them again in our imagination,, so I won't back!" and when somebody asked me"what the best part of my life?" Sure I'll answer,"everyday is the best part of my life, when i'm glad, i'm fall, then I get up,, "

But i have a moment that i really never forget it in the past. In early 90's, it just three of us, me, Mom and Dad,, we were in Sydney. Everything wasn't just fine but perfect! We're happy family,, and then I've got my baby brother named Ahmad Reza Zulfi there,, I have my parent completely home,, and here are some pictures from my childhood,, but it wasn't in Sydney,, I'm not scan it yet but those photos can show me how lucky I am,,


me and mom in her graduation

me and and grand ma

me and dad

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