Friday, October 16, 2009

Congrats to Imanuelia Kristi

Today is Welcoming Party for Mankom '08 students,,
Konsep Welcoming Party kali ini agak beda,, khususnya buat pemilihan ketua angkatan 2008nya,, we gave them time to debate candidate so they had more clues about their candidate,,
Then,, tarampampa,, Imanuelia Kristi voted as Ketua Angkatan Mankom 2008,, congrats ya my sista,, she's my junior on KJ21,, ^^
As usual, Ketua Angkatan Mankom get their accesories and she must wear it for seven days,, here the pictures

Lia (Ketua Angkt 08) and Legia (ketua Angkt o7)
Congrats for Imanuelia Kristi,, we all hope you can bring Mankom be a better than yesterday especially for 2008

Debate between Lucky, Lia, and Rendy 'Abah'

me with statement headband for Ketua Angkatan

before coronation,, i took some pictures with this headband,, and sadly Rizka told me like ondel-ondel :(

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